Clearly, the 4M Technology bears a range of advantages over other consulting approaches:
  • 4M estimates a whole set of microeconomic, staff- or management-related factors simultaneously in their individual effect on a given KPI (e.g., turnover)
  • 4M can be used to estimate the effects on several hierarchical levels simultaneously (i.e., staff performance in a given branch, staff performance across several regions, customer behaviour across countries)
  • 4M is a very versatile analytical tool which can also be used to monitor and evaluate (M&E) strategic decisions taken or to assure sustainability
  • 4M is very reliable and produces results rapidly due to its enhanced and fast algorithms
  • 4M supports the top management to arrive at clear-cut strategic decisions based on hard corporate data
  • 4M helps to improve efficiency, turnover and optimized use of resources
  • 4M reduces risks and assists to avoid malinvestments.

There are number of further benefits which we are happy to explain to you in greater detail. Please feel free to contact us.