Innovative Business Intelligence


4M stands for Microeconomic Multivariate Multilevel Modelling. It is a complex statistical approach comprising high-level mathematical algorithms. To use 4M corporate or organisational data is needed. This data is provided by our clients through the databases and data warehouses they operate.

Our proprietary 4M Technology succeeds to identify and quantify (!) the factors which have a confounding impact on corporate KPIs such as profitability, productivity or competitiveness. These estimates can even be obtained simultaneously for several hierarchical levels, be it geographic or administrative in nature (e.g., city, district, state, country) or with regards to levels of responsibilities (e.g., sales staff, key account manager, vice president sales).

The analyses performed allow to identify and quantify the factors fostering and/or inhibiting growth, turnover and ROI. In the case of a franchise model, for example, each individual franchisee is compared not only against an 'average franchise' but can be compared also against the top-performing franchisees. In doing so, very precise recommendations can be worked out for each franchise how to optimize its operations. Such in-depth analyses strengthen the whole franchise operation and make it more lucrative, profitable and sustainable for both the franchisor as well as each franchisee.

Commonly, the relatively low costs for such causal modelling are readily shared by all franchisees and the franchise owner so it becomes a mutually rewarding and finacially benefical approach with a minimum of extra work in a brevity of time: usually, results can be obtained in a matter of a month (after the provision of the relevant data).