Success - Made in Germany

Causal Impact was founded as a partnership in Hamburg, Germany, in 2002. The founding partners were research methodology experts, Dieter Kotte and Petra Lietz. During the first few years our team focussed exclusively on high-end R&D. We are the first consulting company world-wide to succeed in customizing causal analyses for our target clientele. Using available corporate, organisational and institutional data we advanced strategic planning, management and decision-making in a range of industries and settings significantly.

In serving clients Causal Impact pursues a straightforward global mission:

international expertise

Our unique international expertise centers around causal analyses, a sophisticated approach to optimize performance, reduce unnecessary costs and minimize risks. To achieve this strategic performance enhancement, we rely on our proprietary and innovative 4M Technology which redefines business intelligence world-wide.

For our clients this means success - made in Germany.

Our Executives

Dr. Dieter Kotte
CEO & Partner

Dieter led the R&D team which developed the 4M Technology

Susan V. Joachim
Managing Director

Susan is a Chartered Secretary, ACIS/London and specializes in HRD/HRM

Academic Advisor
Dr. Petra Lietz
Academic Advisor & Partner

as Principal Research Fellow at ACER Petra also heads its Adelaide Office