Corporate Clients


Causal impact has developed specific causal models for a range of corporate clients, sectors and settings. As such we are able to address a broad range of strategic issues successfully. As a result, your company's turnover, profit and/or competitiveness will be significantly improved.

Our corporate clients turn to us wishing to resolve particular corporate issues. They need clarity, for example, if a new HR policy is implemented to the degree expected. Or, they need to improve sales by obtaining a more in-depth understanding about their customer base and its purchasing behaviour.

Other companies request us to streamline their branch offices, identifying the very factors that lead to more efficiency and productivity. We are capable of even improving airline and transport networks due to the high flexibility, adaptability and versatility of the innovative causal modelling and statistical analyses we employ.

As of now Causal Impact's experts have worked successfully with corporate clients in Germany, the EU, Asia and Australia.