Public Service


We advise our Public Service clients how to improve efficiency, for example, by conducting customized causal analyses. These complex statistical procedures can be used to determine, inter alia, which factors impact to which degree on the productivity of Human Resources. This way, sound and reliable strategies for immediate improvement can be developed.

We are pleased to tell you more about the leading-edge 4M Technology developed by Causal Impact to design and conduct causal analyses - in a mere matter of weeks.

Causal analyses constitute the ideal administrative tool when strategic questions regarding the 'why' and 'how' need to be resolved.

Our expertise to the Public Service is based on consultancies conducted in a range of countries for a number of ministries and government departments. We have conceptualized and operationalized strategies and processes how to make Public Service more reliable, more accountable and, thus, more efficient and sustainable. For more information and suggestions how we can help your administrative services please contact us.