innovative performance enhancement


A substantial part of business success derives from conducting proper analyses of the corporate and external data and information available to you. Rely on our most sohisticated causal analyses to boost your profitability.

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Colourful dashboards, reports, meetings, controlling or clever accounting. All fine and shiny but... Standard business practices are no substitute for properly conducted impact-oriented monitoring and evaluation.

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Having an idea is one thing - formulating, implementing and consistently evaluating YOUR strategy is something else. Intelligent and successful strategies need data. We analyze the data and formulate the strategy - jointly with you.

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Success Models

Franchise Optimization 

Read how we go about improving the turnover and efficiency of an Australian franchise company with huge benefits for the franchisor and the franchisees.

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Find out how a EU-based non-food retailer succeeded to enhance branch performance significantly.

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Profitability - made in Germany

Complex analytics minimize your risk

Most likely, your company or organisation collects a multitude of data on a daily basis. Many clients already feel overwhelmed by how to analyze this bulk of data. Weekly, monthly or quarterly reports are fine but, often, miss the point as they are purely descriptive in nature. But if those reporting sheets become unimpressive how to get the maximum and most essential information out of all the data collected?


Innovative causal modelling

In larger companies and organisations departmental thinking commonly prevails. Routines dominate decision-making. The first steps of a new CEO often result in another restructuring, cost-cutting and staff reduction. Or new marketing ideas and the latest IT for the staff. Proper strategic performance enhancement is the exception to the rule because of the complexity involved - for which there seems to be no time available.


But, as of recently, a new analytical technology is available which enhances strategic performance and, thus, profitability. Rely on the 4M Technology, the breakthrough product of a multi-year R&D project in Germany developed by an international group of experts.