HRD/HRM - these abbreviations should be spelled out in bold and capital letters. In fact, what we talk about are the cornerstones of any successful enterprise - your corporate one, your organisation's one or your government's one. This essential factor .... are PEOPLE. Your staff or your customers, your students and teachers, even your politicians....they all are part of an ongoing Human Resources Development (HRD). And in corporate terms, people need to be managed; staff to be trained adequately and clients to be served politely and reliably.

A lot can go wrong with 'people' if you do not pay attention. Thus, companies adhere to HR policies. They develop processes how to deal with customers... or their complaints. If you wish to grow, you may need additional staff. But whom, where and how best to recruit?

Our expertise in HR-related matters came a long way. Fortunately, we had the rare opportunity to learn about HRD/HRM across the board: in companies - small, big and very big -, in organisations - from private to supranational -, and in the Public Service. And we were fortunate gathering this experience across many countries. Countries with different policital and economic systems and with different cultural and ethnic settings.

Hence, we demonstrate to you how HRD/HRM can increase your profitability, competitiveness or performance. Reliably, cost-effectively and sustainably.