Strategic Performance Enhancement


A catchy phrase, indeed. Yes, most large-scale companies and even organisations and departments in the Public Service vow to achieve 'strategic performance enhancement'. A different image is obtained frequently when you sit with the CEO, CFO or a member of the Board. They all will agree that they have a 'strategy' - most often growth-oriented, cutting costs and reducing risks. They will, most likely, also show you the latest financials... all pointing in the right direction.

Still, business leaders and leading politicians commonly fail to prove the point that different decisions could have led to more growth, less costs and less risks than the ones carried out. Worse: when pinpointing them to how key strategic decisions have been arrived at quite a few of these leaders admit it had been their 'gut feeling'.

And why not?! The 'gut feeling' helped to increase turnover. The same 'gut feeling' made the corporate ship sail smoothly through stormy financial crises. Yet, serious doubts remain whether a better, more reliable, more effective course would have been possible.

The answer lies - as so often - in a very detailed analysis of both the financials and the remaining corporate or organisational data. Financials are important, no doubt. But more important is a thorough understanding which factors affect profitability, competitiveness or performance. And even more important it is to quantify these factors. Only if decision-makers have this information at hand can they really make a sound strategic decision. Only then strategic performance enhancement becomes a reality.

Such approach requires an in-depth analysis of all corporate data - financial and non-financial data. Most companies and organisations can tap their data warehouse to do so. As of today, only causal modelling allows such comprehensive strategic analysis.

Causal Impact is the world's No. 1 consulting company specialized in such strategic corporate analysis. The result of an international R&D endeavour during the last years, Causal Impact has developed the proprietary 4M Technology. This complex statistical approach is the backbone to genuinely accomplish strategic performance enhancement.

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