Monitoring & Evaluation


When you implement structural changes in your company or organisation or when you change certain policies and processes for staff or customers you will need to find out if the innovations or modifications were successful. Last, but not the least, you invested a substantial amount of time and resources into these changes.

The way forward is monitoring and evaluation or, for short, M&E. This is not only good practice and, surely, it does not suffice to merely 'record' the observations you made AFTER certain changes have come about.

These days the focus of M&E goes far beyond that of a standard controlling exercise. Today, emphasis has to be placed on impact-oriented Monitoring (IoM). In other words: you wish to identify and quantify (!) which changes have really come about, say, since your company introduced the new marketing strategy. You do not wish to just measure its impact qualitatively - but quantitatively, in dollars and cents. M&E, and in particular IoM, are doing just this.

Causal Impact has been one of the world's first companies emphasizing IoM strategies. We are proud to have designed the accompanying statistical approach, the 4M Technology. Using the 4M Technology and causal modelling we are able to offer our clients leading-edge impact-oriented monitoring. The financial benefits are huge. Plus, risky, flawed strategic decisions by your Board or top management are reduced markedly.

Our experts are pleased to explain these benefits in greater detail. If you need more information, please contact us.